New Year: New Attire for Men

To be a good, informative blogger I feel like I am obligated to cover topics that many of the readers of First Class Fashionista may have seen on other blogs, for example today’s article is about what to wear to your New Year festivities. The difference between this article and all those other ones telling you “what’s hot” and what’s not” is I’ve actually made my fashion my life. I’m happy to do some minor gloating as I now officially have a Bachelor of Arts degree in Fashion Design! So when you read my articles, know they come from someone who is passionate and educated about fashion. BUT all persuasion aside, let’s talk about New Year’s attire for men.

Yes, I think everyone should get gussied up; not just the girls. Guys, it should be common practice for big holidays. Holidays are like high school dances, specifically like prom. Both men and women shell out tons of money to look good for a grand total of an hour. I know just as well as any of you, we all get dressed up for the FORMALITY of prom, then after we get our pictures taken as the outfits start to come apart; jackets come off, shoes come off and hair starts to unravel. New Year’s clothing may be like that for the ladies and I think it SHOULD be like that for dudes. Come on guys, we should step up our game and show the females that fashion isn’t just for them. But, as we ALL know, most guys fashion sense is…poor. BUT that’s why I write a lot of my articles; to help the so-called “fashion impaired”. So here’s what I think a New Year’s outfit SHOULD look like for the guys.

1. Button up shirt- This is a no brainer, and fortunately I think every guy on this planet has a button up shirt. Many men even wear them out to clubs or bars. Your shirt doesn’t have to be tucked in or buttoned all the way to the top or anything super formal. For tops the color spectrum is HUGE, so you could either go with a basic black or brown to downplay yourself, or you can spice things up with some color. I don’t mind seeing a blue or purple shirt when I go out. In fact, if you’re wanting some attention, colors are the way to go because every guy in the place will probably be wearing black.

2. Jeans- I’m not going to set forth rules on jeans. Depending on your personal style, the style of the pant might change and I think any and all jeans (minus overalls) are a good thing. My only tip on jeans is PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THAT IS SACRED IN FASHION make sure they fit. Nothing is a bigger turn off than a guy who has muffin top or is constantly having to pull up his pants because they don’t fit! I think clothes that fit, show that a person knows his body and knows who he is as a person. Remember guys: Confidence is SEXY!

3. Formal shoes- Since you guys are putting in so much effort to look good, you might as well go all the way with some fancy dress shoes. I don’t expect white tie, heeled shoes, that you can see your reflection in; I’m talking about fashionable, leather extended toe shoes or something similar.

4. Accessories- DON’T BE AFRAID OF ACCESSORIES. Leather cuffs, watches, simple necklaces, simple rings are all types of accessories that men who are afraid of looking to “girly” or “metro” can still wear! However, I know guys have a tendency to overdue things. It was Chanel who gave the advice to take something off before you walk out the door. For guys, because men’s fashion is so simple, this rule only applies to accessories.

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