How to Have Tattoos in the Workplace

When people think of fashion, they think celebrities, evening gowns and, of course, designer labels. But there is a facet of fashion which is rarely spotlighted that is huge in today’s industry, body modifications. Now in the fashion industry this can mean one of two things: one, plastic surgery and two, things added to the body that are generally permanent like tattoos and piercings. I am a huge advocate for these things because overall they can be an expression of yourself. Everyone chooses different avenues for their personal expression, personally I choose tattoos.

Until recently, tattoos were a form of taboo expression and now tattoos have become one of the largest forms of body modifications in the world. Just like the world of fashion, tattoos have trends as well. Does everyone remember those tribal arm bands that all the guys had back in the mid to late nineties? I’m not saying that all tattoos have a style expiration date because many tattoos are not for the sake of fashion. But there are times and places in our lives where tattoos are not so embraced with open arms. So instead of doing my normal list of things to wear, I’ve created a list of things that allow the everyday person to have tattoo art without seeming unprofessional.

1. Following up with my discussion about “fashionable” tattoos, there are methods of removing tattoos now. But the idea of tattoo removal is not a new concept, many people have horror stories about how painful the removal process is. However, there is a new type of product being advertised that claims to cover up tattoos. Now, one might say that this liquid cover up is just a foundation, but I think it is so much more than that. There are certain situations where tattoos are still not acceptable; most notably, weddings. Since many wedding dressings are strapless, they tend to show off any tattoo work that has been done. This liquid cover up has the color of foundation but the opaque quality of a mask. The most notable product that both men and women have been reported to use is Kat Von Dee’s tattoo concealer. The famous tattooed mogul has released cover up for individuals who want their tattoo temporarily covered. Coming in 8 different skin tones, I’ve personally tried this product at Sephora (where it is sold) and it’s amazing. So if you have a need to get rid of your tattoo fast and temporarily, then I highly recommend this product.

Kat Von D Tattoo Makeup

2. Another development in the tattoo world that allows people to have tattoos without seeming “unprofessional” are the UV tattoos. Invisible to the public, these tattoos can only be seen under black lights. I would say these kinds of tattoos are perfect for those people wanting to get a sentimental tattoo without the backlash of seeming unprofessional. You know it’s still there and you don’t have to put in any effort to cover it up. However, the catch is, it’s not COMPLETELY invisible. You can see a tiny white outline of what the tattoo is but you cant actually see the tattoo until it is exposed to black lights.

3. My last piece of information about concealing tattoos is pretty obvious advice that I really don’t think a lot of people think about. My advice is: Think carefully about the placement of your tattoo. Most working professionals do not like to see tattoos, so if your the tattoo you are considering can’t be covered up by a business casual outfit, then that’s not the location for it. Just like fashion, we have to play by the rules for a while before we can start breaking them.

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