Things to Do in Las Vegas

I think a huge part of being a true fashionista or fashionisto is traveling and experiencing different cities. Recently, I had the awesome opportunity to go to Las Vegas, Nevada. I know it’s not exactly the cultural hub you all thought I was talking about, but while I was there I was the epitome of fashionisto.

Known for its luxurious hotels and money making casinos, Vegas is the epicenter of true urban socialite lifestyle. During my stay in Sin City I did everything that a visitor to Vegas should do. I did the designer shopping, the sightseeing, the nightclubs, the gambling, the shows and, of course, the bars. For those of you who are new to FCF, I am slightly infamous for presenting all my articles in the form of lists. I think they are easier to read and they get to the point faster. So, here are my recommendations for the various facets of your visit to Las Vegas.

las vegas hotel pictures

1. Shopping- If you happen to win a couple extra hundred dollars while at the slots then why not spend it on some of the highest end designer names. Las Vegas is famous for its designer shopping. Almost all the hotels had some form of shopping or another but my two favorite locations to shop was at the Palazzo and Caesar’s Palace. Both of the hotels that these designer malls are found in are two of the most expensive and consistently booked hotels on the strip. The shops at Palazzo are attached directly to the very big, very beautiful, very pricey Palazzo Hotel and Casino. Both of these fashion mogul malls featured such names as Tory Burch, Ferragamo, Diane Von Furstenberg, Jimmy Choo, and several others.

Cosmopolitan Hotel Pictures

2. Sightseeing- Vegas isn’t much for daytime activities but during the day, while you are recovering from a night of Las Vegas fun, you can go visit one of the many hotels that make up the two mile strip. My personal recommendation is hit all the hotels. But if you only have time to hit one or two, then one you absolutely HAVE to go to is the Cosmopolitan. Appropriately named, this hotel is a vision of true fashion. One of my friends described it as “the inside of a purse”. Draped in shiny beads and adorned with the most modern of décor, you could get lost in this hotel. I will talk more about this hotel in other sections of this article.

las vegas body english

Body English

3. Night Clubs- Three in particular stuck out in my trip, one was at the cosmopolitan, one  was at the Hard Rock hotel and casino, and the other was at the Rio. The one at the cosmopolitan was kind of a family nightclub. It was located on a terrace well above the street. The music was bumpin’ and the bar was open. Normally they would have all the pools open and you could lounge poolside at night but around this time a year they had a rooftop ice skating rink! The second club was called “Body English” and it was located in the basement of the Hard Rock hotel. The best way I can describe the décor of this place is vampiric. The whole club was painted black and hanging from the ceiling were white crystal chandeliers with black fabric accents. All the VIP tables were upholstered with a dark red leather or vinyl (all the lights were off and I couldn’t see the color exactly). Waiting to greet us into the club was a cocktail girl in classic showgirl attire wearing a mask and a top hat and on a swing. The third and probably my favorite nightclub was a place called the Voodoo Lounge, and it was located on the roof of the Rio. To gain access to this club you have to be given a pass by the bouncer at the door, then you ride in a glass elevator all the way to the 51st floor where you exit into a chic lounge. Walking outside onto the roof, the view is breath taking. Since the Rio sits slightly away from the strip you get a million dollar view of the strip all lit up.

4. Shows- Besides the gambling Vegas is also known for its lavish shows, including acts like the Celine Dion and Cirque de Soleil shows. The shows can be pricey, but there are two shows in particular that you can view street-side. The first show, and probably the more famous show, is the dancing fountains at the Bellagio. Set to “dance” to the music, these fountains run in perfect tandem with whatever song is playing. Since the song is different every hour, there is constantly a new display of fountains. The second show is called “The Sirens of TI”. Located at TI or Treasure Island, this is a Vegas rendition of pirate films. Singing, dancing, explosions and even a life size sinking ship make this one of the most theatrical shows you’ll be able to see in Vegas, and both of these shows are entirely free!

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