Texas Style: What to wear in the Texas winter

Fall has always been my favorite season for fashion. Living in Colorado gave me the opportunity to wear cute leather boots, over-sized sweaters, and cardigans up until November, and then came the heavy winter coats and the stuff that I don’t find as fashionable. Now that I live in Texas for school, the winters are a little different (a lot warmer than in Colorado) so I can wear all my fall attire in the “winter” time! Walking around the Texas State campus has really given me a good idea of what college girls like to wear here this time of year and, of course, it’s knee-high boots with some sort of sweater or cardigan. Honestly, it’s really hard to go wrong with a combination like that!

So for all you southern bell Fashionistas, here’s a casual outfit I’ve put together that would work for the average winter day on campus in Texas.

This Dakota Keanu Sioux Cardigan is perfect for layering. You could practically wear any shirt you want under it, like a cotton long sleeve shirt to keep it comfortable.

These Jessica Simpson Jeggings in black are super comfortable and will look great with the cardigan sweater and a pair of leather boots. A wardrobe staple—black pants, jeggings or leggings can literally go with anything!

Complete the look with these Frye mimi scrunch boots. This Cognac color stands out from the black jeggings yet compliments the cardigan.

And there you have it! A super comfortable and fashionable outfit to get you through the Texas winter.

About NatashaF

Hey! I play volleyball at Texas State University, and I am currently majoring in Business management, and a minor in Fashion Merchandising. I love fashion, and I want to be a buyer some day! I love to travel, play volleyball and just be around people. I hope you guys enjoy! Follow me on twitter! @nataljafomina :) and on instagram @natashafomina