5 easy tips to Lose Weight and keep the pounds off!

So many people have problems losing weight or staying healthy and I get it, it’s because of the lack of exercise and all these tempting foods around us all the time! But losing a few pounds and staying in shape is easier than it seems if you just follow some simple tips!

1. Don’t eat after dark! Throughout the day your body stores glycogen and then at night when you go to bed your body converts the glycogen into glucose to keep your blood sugar levels steady, Then after the glycogen is gone, your liver begins to burn fat cells for energy, So, basically, you should be burning fat while you sleep! But since the process of converting all the glycogen takes a few hours, it’s important to not eat or snack. You need to give your body the time to burn fat before it starts the cycle again!

2. Eat breakfast! Even if it’s a piece of chocolate cake or a bowl of cereal, eat breakfast (unless you ate really late the night before)! You need at least 12 hours between your last and first meal, so make sure you give your body time to work its cycle. It’s proven that eating breakfast within an hour of waking up jump starts your metabolism, which means you will use nutrients more efficiently throughout the day.

3. Snack throughout the day, but snack healthy! Snacking throughout the day keeps you from being over hungry and then binging when you eat a meal, Snacking also boosts your metabolism! It tells your body that its not starving and that it doesn’t need to store extra fat. So in result, it maintains a high metabolism which means burning fat!

4. Allow yourself a cheat. If you tell yourself that for one meal a week you can have whatever you desire, then it will keep you motivated to keep up with your healthy lifestyle. You wont have to worry about never eating something that you really really want.

5. Get a good nights sleep! If you’re asleep, it means that you’re not late night snacking! If you staying up too late then your body releases hormones that heighten your appetite, but if you get a good night’s rest then your body releases hormones that make you not as hungry throughout the day! Also, the right amount of sleep keeps your metabolism in good shape.

Also make sure you exercise for an hour at least three times a week.

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