Winter Color Trend: Bright Hues is a Must Do!

Color in the Winter: It’s a Do!

In the past, when going shopping during the winter, I would see assortments of grays and browns with hints of color in forest greens and deep blues. When I go shopping now, it actually feels like spring! Almost everywhere you go you can find winter essentials (coats, sweaters, and pants) in bright spring-like colors! To me, that’s just the perfect thing to brighten anyone’s cold, dreary day mood. I am personally someone who loves and owns way too much black clothing, so this season I’m embracing this new trend and adding some color to my wardrobe. And, don’t think it’s too late to start now because a lot of the bright colored clothing can still be worn in Spring! That’s the beauty of it all.

This trend has been featured on the runway for Winter 2013.

bright colors trend

It may just be me, but I’m guessing some of you fellow fashionistas can sometimes correlate your mood with your outfit. I know I definitely do. For me, getting dressed in the winter is sometimes hard and my outfit choices can be kind of “blah” and tend to look the same day after day. Adding pops of bold colors seems like the perfect solution. When I’ve been out shopping recently the main colors I’ve been noticing are mint green, mustard yellow, magenta, and coral. The great news is you can incorporate this pop of color in many different ways. Whether it’s a brightly colored coat, pants, a hat or a scarf, you can easily add color to your ensemble. Even adding a brightly colored lipstick can instantly update an otherwise boring outfit. Browsing our favorite shopping site, I found some great items that can brighten anybody’s winter wardrobe. Happy shopping fashionista!

This J Crew coat in authentic red or vintage berry would be the perfect pop of color to warm up any cold day.

These Hudson jeans keep a colder weather look by having a wax/leather finish, but the pop of color in a bright pink adds so much more personality to an otherwise all black ensemble.

This dress is an example of something that can be worn in the colder months with a leather jacket and tights, but can also transfer into spring and summer with a light jacket and a pair of pumps.

This clutch is a perfect subtle way to add that popular mint green color I was talking about to any outfit!

What do you think? Have you/will you try this trend? Let me know below.

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