Dove Winter Care Body Wash Review

As a Dove Care Blogger, I was given the opportunity to try Dove’s brand new moisturizing body wash. I have always loved Dove products. Whether it’s their shampoo and conditioner, which make your hair super smooth, or their deodorant that keeps you extra dry, I’ve always been a fan of the brand and have always had positive experiences using their products. I recently started using the Dove Winter Care Body Wash and have only had good results. Colorado is always so dry in the winter, and I find myself having to reapply lotion constantly to keep from feeling itchy and uncomfortable. Since using this product, which is geared towards keeping you moisturized by nourishing deep down to help heal dryness and minimize roughness and flaking, my skin looks and feels softer.

Dove Body Wash

In the past I have had problems with products that are extra moisturizing because they seem to leave a film on your skin. This product keeps you moisturized without feeling like there is an extra unabsorbed layer. It also has a fresh scent that lingers all day, and it basically lets you skip the step of having to put on lotion all over your body once you get out of the shower. I definitely recommend this product. If you have dry skin, like many of us do in the winter (or all the time), pick up this product at your local drugstore. I plan on using this throughout the whole year, not just this winter.

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