Men’s Shoe Trend: Vintage Shoes

Alright boys, it’s time to take a page out of the girl’s book and talk about shoes! So every week I try and produce at least one men’s style article that focuses specifically on one aspect of personal style. I use a site called to get all my pictures and report on what the rest of the world seems to be wearing and buying. And guys let me tell you, vintage shoes are the THING. When you talk about women’s vintage clothing, you usually only talk about one era describes the whole look, but these vintage men’s shoes traverse many different eras. The two styles that I am seeing most are ones from the 50s and the 70s with a splash of 80’s flair. Sounds tacky, I know, BUT these shoes are awesome!

The 1950’s Saddle Shoe– A specific type of oxford shoe, the saddle shoe has made a comeback with a vengeance. There are saddle shoes out on the market that are exact replicas of this classic shoe but all the saddle style shoes that I’VE seeN are updated with a modern 2012-13 flare. The traditional shoe mixes black and white but designers have expanded into mixing not only colors but materials and even mixing other types of shoes with the oxford design. These shoes are incredibly versatile. You can either wear them out to the club or you can wear them casually to complete the perfect vintage ensemble.

Cole Haan Air Colton Saddle, $118.99

Christian Louboutin Freddy Studded Flat Oxford, $1,145

Aldo Blake, $175

Combat Boots– These high-top punker boots are the perfect accent to complete the “bad boy glam” look. Obviously, these boots were originally (and still are) worn by the military, but fashion decided to take the combat boot and give them a fabulous update. What I love about these boots is they can transcend the division of style. Not only can punks rock this look, but also those who follow the goth persuasion and even those who follow preppy trends can wear these boots. They can be worn by several different individuals and be worn to accent several many different outfits. There are some styles out there that can even be worn out as part of an evening ensemble. I actually own a pair of combat boots made by Call it Spring, and I love them! They are durable and can make an okay outfit into one that wreaks of style. The most famous combat boot that we all know and love are those made by a company called Doc Martens. These flashy, fashion boots were popular in the 1980s and have made a comeback within fashion communities around the world. So whether you want to rock the bad boy chic or you want to keep it classy, combat boots are the boots for all eras.

Bottega Veneta black leather buckle monk strap lace up combat boot, $599

DIESEL Tan scuffed leather Cassidy combat boots, $315

BRUNO BORDESE Combat boots, $174

THOMPSON Combat boots, $89

Pleaser Men’s Disorder-301 Boot, $96.83

Tell me what you guys think! Love ‘em or Hate ‘em?

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