RULES for wearing prints and The Printed Pants Trend

So, I went shopping the other day (as I often do in my free time) and I found myself buying into a trend I thought I hated. It was one of those “that awkward moment when…” but this time it was in the dressing room. Printed pants. I remember when I thought they were the ugliest things to ever see the light of the runway but now every time I see a pair of cute pants I like, they’re printed! But in all fairness, there are still some printed pants that are still ugly. I think it all depends on the print. I tend to stray away from anything floral, as a man I see those as highly feminine. But there are prints out there that are making a grand entrance into the fashion world. Not only will I focus specifically on printed pants but prints in general. A few of you may remember, a while back I published a trend forecast predicting that bold prints would be in. So when I give the prints do’s and don’ts, they are not just tips for pants, but anything printed!

The main prints for men’s pants that I am seeing, are different variations of the classic camouflage. Gentlemen, camouflage is something we have to use carefully and sparingly. If too much is worn you can read as G.I. Joe but if too little is worn the print may go unnoticed. I think a pair of pants or a shirt is okay to have printed as long as they are NEVER worn together. Earlier when I said that the good aesthetics of the pant all depend on the print, I should also include the style of the pants. For example, if a camo print is paired with a cargo pant, you will definitely read as army soldier, not fashion mogul. So really it all depends on the type of print and what type of pant that specific print is on. I think that a street art print could look really awesome paired with cargo pants. That leads into my next topic, a sect of prints I call artistic prints.

Artistic prints are actually my new favorite print. What I mean by artistic print is anything that could be considered a work of art. For example, if there are some pants printed with a fancy, swirly, rustic design, I would consider them artistic print pants. As opposed to the camouflage prints, which I don’t really consider artistic. I think artistic prints should be worn as boldly as possible. When coordinated correctly, these prints can create a cohesive statement look that isn’t too over-powering. Some prints that are easy to pair are paisley, polka dots, stripes (do something more interesting than horizontal or vertical stripes and try diagonal stripes), and any type of brocade. Brocade is a type of fabric where the design is woven into the fabric, they best way I can describe brocades are fabrics that look like decorative throw pillows, but are much prettier! Another facet of artistic prints that I like are the ethnic prints. Under this section I have a picture of some cropped pants that are printed with what they are calling an “Aztec” print. There is also a pair of harem pants that look like they’re printed with an ethnic print. I think these particular prints could bring pizzazz and culture to any drab outfit.

Whether you love this trend or you hate it, you better get used to it. Anyone who shops at a mall can see that bold prints are on the rise. And guys, we don’t want to be left behind! Show off your personal flair and find the print that’s right for you. A print can be your best friend or your worst enemy. Pick one that suits you! Be yourself!

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