How to Wear Denim Shirts and Jackets

As we all know fashion is cyclical; meaning, certain styles come back into fashion after an extended amount of time. Vintage is always something that many fashionistas crave. A recent trend caught my eye as I was perusing the men’s section at some of my favorite stores, denim shirts and jackets. I’m not really sure if these ever really go completely out of style but it does have its ups and downs in terms of popularity. Denim products have managed to transcend the decades because of its durable nature. Levi Strauss discovered this property of denim while making work pants.

What I love specifically about traditional blue denim products is the versatile nature of them. I can’t think of any color or print that plain blue denim doesn’t go with. The only rule which I must STRESS, the one thing blue denim does not go with is itself. For women, this rule might bend and sometimes be broken in a fashionable manor, but for guys this is a solid NO. Unless the look you’re going for is cowboy on the range, then don’t even think about pairing a blue denim shirt with a blue denim jacket and pants. But if you were to pair black denim pants with a blue denim shirt, that would be acceptable and even encouraged. This leads into my next point about why denim is so great. Denim is what I like to call an “accentuator” (Not a word, I know). I think the fact that denim products tend to be simple, you can accessorize and use the natural simplicity of the denim to really make any color pop, thus accentuating things you want to accentuate. This article is more for the male fashionisto who is timid about bold colors or printed denim products, and is more comfortable wearing his blue jeans. Here are three simple rules to dress up your go-to, blue denim jeans.

1. Blue jean on blue jean is a CRIME- As I said previously, I think when wearing blue jeans, one should stray away from wearing the same shades of blue denim shirts or jackets. This is a look that was worn out in 90s, and the 90ss are not vintage yet, still tacky.

2. Don’t be afraid of pops of color– If you decide to purchase these SUPER fashionable denim shirts or jackets, don’t be afraid of wearing a pop of a fashionable color under your denim. Hint: the big color seen on the runways now is emerald. But feel free to explore your individual color palette.

3. Don’t MINIMIZE, ACCESSORIZE- Guys, this is my biggest problem with the way everyday men dress. Don’t be timid about bold watches, chunky cuffs, scarves, or bold shoes. The right accessories can really take your simple denim top to the next level. As I said, traditional denim is simple but that can lead to bland if not dressed up properly.

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