Rihanna is the New Princess Diana?

The latest issue of the Sunday Times Magazine, published this weekend, was home to an intriguing cover story. The photo of half of the late Princess Diana‘s was face stitched together with half of mega star Rihanna‘s face. The title read “The Princess and The Showgirl”, and featured 2,000 words depicting the apparent similarities between the two, detailing “love triangles, public adoration and a doomed affair with the camera.”

rihanna and princess dianna

I was amazed at the comparison at first, but after reading the article, I can see a few striking similarities. Having both been involved in a very public, love triangle, the two lovely ladies gained the attention of fans around the world. Princess Di waffled in and out of love with Prince Charles while he battled with his affections for another woman, Camilla Parker Bowles. Camilla later became the Prince’s second wife, but Princess Diana had a world of fans on her side. Lady Rih, on the other hand, has been involved in a more recent sequence of on-again off-again love with Chris Brown. The two initially split after Brown allegedly abused the pop star and he began dating model Karreche Tran. To date, Rihanna and Chris have apparently been secretly dating the last few months, but Chris has been telling the media that he may or may not be involved with Karreche still…

chris brown and rihannaprince charles and diana

I was a generation late to truly appreciate the Princess Diana craze, but I am definitely one of the millions of crazed Rihanna fans. Having the most followers on Twitter and Instagram, the Grammy winning superstar has an undoubted love for the camera. The article in The Sunday Times claims that Diana shared the same love of the spotlight. The two utterly fashion forward ladies never cease/ceased to shock and awe, gaining both positive and negative press on the daily.

The article points out some similarities between the admired Fashionistas, but is Rihanna the new Princess Diana? Share your thoughts below!

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