Missing the Maxi Skirt Trend

So I know maxi skirts are a fashion trend from 2011, but I just got a huge urge to start wearing them. I live in Texas so this winter has definitely been really warm, with temperatures getting up to 75 degrees lately. With all this warm weather, it’s been making me feel like summer is almost around the corner. And, I guess 3 months isn’t too far away, but spring break is only a month from now for all my fellow college students. I don’t know about anyone else, but this makes me want to wear maxi skirts and sun hats!

Does anyone else want maxi skirts to come back? Even though it was definitely big 2 years ago, I feel like maxi skirts never go out of style when it comes to a casual spring and summer time look. You can throw it over your swimsuit, or you can feel comfortable shopping in it! There are so many styles of maxi skirts that they can be dressed up, or dressed down, and I think it’s one of the best parts of owning them!

Nasty Gal Surrender Maxi Skirt, $58

I love this one! It’s definitely more edgy, but this maxi can be more casual or dressy depending how you style it. You can wear this one with a crop top. Nasty Gal always has the best stuff!

ASOS Sequin Maxi Skirt with Thigh High Split,

Now if you want one strictly for going out, then something like this is perfect! Showing off your legs with this thigh high slit while still keeping it classy.

MICHAEL Michael Kors Matte Jersey Maxi Skirt, $39

But honestly, my favorite maxi skirts are the casual ones that aren’t high-waisted. I really like the ones that fold at the waist, and fall all the way to the floor. I think they’re the most casual and you can wear it to the pool or out to lunch.

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