Oscars’ Biggest Stars Before They Were Superstars

On Sunday night, we watched as our favorite stars graced the red carpet at the Academy Awards, held at the Dolby Theater in Los Angeles. Sketches of more than memorable designs from our favorite style icons lined the red carpet, paying homage to the superstars that made fashion what it is today. From classic stars like Katherine Zeta-Jones and Nicole Kidman to newer ones like Jennifer Lawrence and Amanda Seyfried, everyone brought their fashion A-game! As I was watching as each star was interviewed, I thought to myself, “I wonder what he/she looked like before they were famous?” I did a little digging and found pictures of these superstars before they were bedazzled on the red carpet. Enjoy!

From rough to royal, Oscar winner and star of Silver Lining’s Playbook Jennifer Lawrence:

jennifer lawrence

oscars jennifer lawrence

From Karate to red carpet, Oscar presenter and co-star in Side Effects Channing Tatum:

c.t. as a child-
channing tatum

c.t. at the oscars-
oscars channing tatum

From gawky to gorgeous, Oscar nominee and star of Zero Dark Thirty, Jessica Chastain:

j.c. young-
jessica chastain as a kid

j.c. at the oscars- 
Oscars Jessica Chastain

From tomboy to breath taking, Oscar guest Zoe Saldana:

z.s. high school pic-
zoe saldana yearbook picture

z.s. at the oscars-
Zoe Saldana Oscars

From pig-tails to provocative, Oscar presenter and star of Side Effects, Catherine Zeta-Jones:

c.zj. as a child-
catherine zeta jones young

c.zj. at the oscars-
oscars katherine zeta jones

From baby face to boyish charm, Oscar guest Joseph Gordon Levitt:

jgl as a child-
joseph gordon levitt as a kid

jgl at the oscars-
Oscars Joseph Gordon Levitt

From soft spoken to center stage, Oscar performer and co-star of Les Miserables, Amanda Seyfried:

a.s. as a child-
amanda seyfried as a kid

a.s. at the oscars-
Oscars Amanda Seyfried

From goofy guy to sexy stud, Oscar nominee and star of Silver Lining’s Playbook, Bradley Cooper:

b.c. high school pic-
bradley cooper teenager

b.c. at oscars-
Oscars Bradley Cooper

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