Let’s Talk About the Men’s Swim Trunks Trend

As most of the fashion community knows, fashion centers around women. Women tend to have more of a variety of styles to choose from. Since summer is upon us, I thought it would behoove my male readers to hear my suggestions for what suits to wear this season. Swimwear, believe it or not, follow trends as much as all other facets of fashion. Colors and length tend to be the two biggest draws to a particular pair of trunks for the consumer. Although slightly harder to predict, guy’s swim trunks are still garments and can make or break a look. Here’s what trends I noticed for summer 2013…

1. Shorter!– I remember when I first became aware of what type of swim trunks I was wearing, my only concern was that they didn’t look like my fathers! You all know what I’m talking about, those trunks that were either awful green or an awful blue and were just long enough to be modest. So I started buying trunks that were long and generally black or grey. Bottom line: If they looked like shorts I actually owned, they were cool enough to wear as swim trunks. These days, believe it or not, swim trunks are getting SHORT! I was shocked. But I guess it’s following the shorts trends, where length is reverting back to the 1960’s length. So guys: When you’re trying to look as fly as possible, get trunks that end mid-thigh. Most of us have great legs, and we need to show them off!

2. Bright Colors– Unlike my teenage self, WEAR SOME COLOR. Even the black swim trunks that are on H&M’s website have a neon green waistband and drawstrings. From what I am seeing in my trend research, almost all trunks have that “annoying” pop of color. And I don’t say annoying in a bad way, but clashing colors seems to really be popular in the swimwear industry. Along with bright colors, character printed trunks seem to be flying off the shelves. I saw some with the Avengers on them at Target.com. But PLEASE for the love of all that is holy in fashion, DO NOT WEAR logo plastered swim trunks. I am so OVER seeing those and I’m sure you are too!

3. Zippers– Yes, you read it right, zippers. Normally, zippers close side cargo pockets that are commonly found on guy’s trunks, but this zipper is actually a front closure. I am used to draw strings and/or elastic, but swim trunks are becoming less universally fit and more tailored. So, now knowing your waist size has become important.

Happy swimming guys!

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