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I have been seeing a lot of these Skirts lately and I love, love, love them! I took a good look at one and thought about buying it, that’s when I realized how simple it would be to make. So I did. This tutorial that I will be sharing with you can be done by those with beginning sewing skills, but you will need a sewing machine and some basic sewing materials. Here is a picture and descriptions of what you will need.

DIY Ideas

1. Two yards of pretty stretchy fabric– Since we will not be using a zipper, you need to be able to slip it on and off. The amount of yardage leaves room for error, but if you are at an advanced sewing level, you can get one yard.

2- A simple tube skirt– This will be used for the pattern. If you don’t have one, they sell them for $5 at H&M in every color possible.

3. A ruler– A clear one works best for me.

4. An iron– Optional (for cotton or polyester fabric).

5. Squirt Bottle– Same as Iron.

6. Good scissors

7. Pin cushion with a large amount of pins.

8. Spandex thread– You’ll need a stretchy thread so the seams stretch with the skirt.

9. A marking pen that will stand out on the fabric- DO NOT use a Sharpie. I only did it so the lines showed up in the pictures. You can get fabric pens that wash off when wet at craft stores.

10. A seam ripper (optional for mistakes)

Here we go! I will be adding quite a few check points showing you what your skirt should look along the way, to help the beginner. Tip: Print the instructions below, and use the picture diagrams as your visual.

diy pics

diy pictures

diy projects

diy projects

diy pics

diy projects

diy pictures

diy projects

diy projects

pictures of diy projects


1- Fold your fabric in half inside out. You will be doing the markings and a majority of the steps on the inside of the fabric.

2- Lay your tube skirt with the waistline running along the stretchiest part of the fabric. Think about it this way: You want the skirt to stretch more in your hips and legs than in a downwards direction.

3- Now take your marker out and trace the outline of the tube skirt.

4- After this, you can set your tube skirt aside, you won’t use it again.

5- Use your pointer finger and draw a second line all the way up both sides of the skirt (up and down). This is where you will cut the fabric, the inside line is where you will sew.

6- Use your pointer and middle finger to draw a second line around the waistline and hem (left to right).

7- This is what your skirt should look like so far.

8- Now cut the skirt out by its outer line.

9- This is what your skirt should look like so far- There will be two of these because your fabric was folded in half.

10-Set the two patterns apart and pull out a your remaining fabric. You can cut this down so it’s easier to maneuver. Get your ruler out and make four lines each three inches each an inch apart. This is based on a size small skirt. Add an inch for each size up or vice versa. Also make sure that your fabric is still folded in half and inside out.

11- This is what it should look like.

12- Now make rectangles out of these lines that are 18 inches long.

13- It should look like this.

14- Cut these out. You should have eight strips that look like this, three inches wide and eighteen inches long.

15- Now make sets, two strips each and inner fabric facing one another. You should have four of these.

16- Make an x with two of the strips.

17- Start to fold one side over the other.

18- Do this until you have a T like shape.

19- The other two sides will naturally pull together.

20- Pinch those sides and repeat on other two fabric strips.

21- You should have two X shaped twists. Set these aside for now.

22-Now pull out pins, fabric patterns, iron and grab a towel or other piece of cotton fabric, if you are using a skirt fabric other than Cotton or Polyester. For example, my chosen fabric is a Lame. It’s synthetic, meaning man-made. If I put the iron straight to the fabric, it will melt it.

23- Beginning at the hem (the bottom of the skirt), fold at the two finger length line. Make sure you are working from the inside of the fabric.

24- Place pins through both sides of the fabric every inch or so.

25- Your skirt should look like this.

26- If you chose to use the towel, fold it over the skirt and iron the hem for roughly 30 seconds; keeping the iron moving, so you don’t burn anything. You are doing this to reinforce the hem, this will help when you are sewing it closed. You will have one piece that is marked and the other is not. In order to iron and pin the other pattern, you will have to hold it next to the finished one to measure the length.

27- Your two pieces should both look like this.

28- Now you should be ready to sew the waistline and the hem. To do this, make a stitch line straight along the hem and waist from start to finish. This will close the hem and waist, making them complete. Make sure you backstitch to keep it closed. You can do it as far from the edge as you would like. In this image, I started about an eighth of an inch from the inside of the skirt. This part is about preference.

29- You should now have two halves of the skirt. They should have two finger length hems and waist lines, sewn closed. Now you can take the pins out.

30- Now flip the side with the side seam markings over to the right side. Place the knotted bows where you would like them to be.

31- You are now going to pin the bows into place. You will do it opposites. What I mean by this is if you pin the bottom left side first, as pictured… (see step 32)

32- You will then pin the top right side second. Now repeat with other sides, then second bow.

33- You’re skirt should be pinned like this. After this is finished, you will flip the skirt over, and sew a line along the side seam marking on the back. This will hold the bows in place, so you can remove the pins.

34- Now we start the pinning. Place the right sides of the skirt together. I.E. The side with the bows, and the other piece that is hemmed.

35- Pin at all four corners.

36  Like this…

37- Now pin every half an inch starting at waist line and ending at hem (so down the side seams).

38- You are now ready to sew. All you have to do is sew the side seams together just as you did the hem and waistline. But this time, you have a line to follow; that is the line that was marked in the very first step.

39- Trim the inside fabric about a fourth an inch from the seam. This makes sure there’s no bulk going on inside the skirt… but make sure to not cut the actual seam.

40- Finito! You have a cute little Double Knot Skirt.

I hope you found this fun and helpful! This was my first DIY, so I hope it was easy to follow!

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