Masculine Fashion Goes Feminine

Men’s Fashion Becoming More Feminine

The report is in and this season’s trend for men is…Femininity. I bet that got your attention. This doesn’t mean men should start wearing dresses, this is more of a design element trend. Throughout the facets of design there are some widely accepted rules when designing. For example, harsh lines tend to be more masculine and softer, curved lines tend to be associated with femininity, or pink tends to be a girl’s color where blue tends to be a boy’s color, things like that. Well after perusing this awesome site called, trying to think of something to write about, I noticed an overall trend surfacing within the industry. In recent past seasons, the megatrend was supposedly androgyny, but only for women’s fashion. Men have finally started to follow that trend with slight tweaks to styles that radiate a slight feminine energy. These two points illustrate exactly why today’s male fashion is starting to lean towards femininity.

1. Lines– As I discussed earlier, lines are something that can create a “gender” for the clothing. The blending of harsh masculinity and soft femininity creates this new unisexual fad. For example, the Burberry trench coat pictured below has a perfect blending of these lines. The shoulders are squared and harsh, giving masculinity to the garment, but the soft torso lines that lead evenly roll into the waist and then out again to form the hip lines, which is very feminine. Giving a male any kind of figure other than that of an inverted triangle or a square will be dubbed as feminine.

Many garments seem to be trying to shape men’s figures into something other than their naturally given or accepted figures.

2. Print/Color Experimentation– Men’s fashion has for centuries been the epitome of boring and conservative but, in this day and age, the guys are tossing out their boring grey garments and trading them in for bright, vibrant and eccentric colors and prints. This was indeed seen in the 1970s but it was so extreme that it was almost obnoxious, today’s prints have been paired properly with muted and fashionable colors. Women’s clothes, on the other hand, have always included color and print, which allowed them to customize their wardrobe. This was when women only cared about what they wore. But now that the mindset has changed, men are adopting some basic fundamentally and traditionally feminine characteristics, BECAUSE today men also view their clothes as a priority.

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