Fashion MISTAKES to Avoid

Top 8 Fashion Mistakes to Avoid

Throughout the course of fashion there have been some mishaps that somehow read as fashionable. People always say that those who don’t learn from the past are doomed to repeat it, and there are some trends that should NEVER be repeated. Lately, I’ve been seeing more and more of these ridiculous trends resurfacing, so the point of this article is to educate the masses on what fads should never see the light of day ever again. Here are my Top 8 fashion atrocities. Keep in mind, like any rule, there are exceptions, BUT VERY FEW.

  1. Legwarmers with heels– Keep this fad in the past! Not only is it not fashionable it is not practical! I think we all can agree people tend to wear heels more often when there isn’t 10 feet of snow and ice on the ground, and leg warmers are knit tubes that insulate your legs, so wearing these when its warm out is silly. So unless you’re a ballerina or dressing up like Olivia Newton John for Halloween, DITCH THE LEG WARMERS.

  2. Jean skirts and Ugg boots– Gross. I know tons of women wear this combination because its “comfy.” No. I’m just going to come out and say it, it looks cheap. It looks like you didn’t put any effort into how you look. Don’t get me wrong I advocate comfy and making beauty look effortless, but seriously, this looks like you tried putting effort into your look and failed.

  3. Fish Net Shirts– I am ashamed to admit, I owned one of these when I was a rebellious teenager, but these only read as trashy. Now if your style revolves around the Goth substyle then a well place fishnet shirt is appropriate. These were HUGE in the 90’s because of the Rave subculture, and you can still wear one to a rave but not on the street, it will read as cheap.

  4. Lace Gloves– Madonna was the person who started this fingerless lace glove fad  in the 1980’s and it should remain in the 80’s. Again if your personal style revolves around the Goth or Lolita subcultures then these gloves would go great, but otherwise leave it for your next costume party.

  5. Elephant Bells– Some of my younger readers might not know what elephant bells are so let me explain. Elephant Bells are pants that were worn in the 1970’s. They were shaped like bell bottoms, but instead of a gradual flare at the bottom of the pant they had a DRAMATIC flare extending downward usually from the knee. THESE ARE HORRIBLE. Luckily most fashionable people have chosen to forget or ignore these but just the other day I was in the mall and a women was wearing a paisley, neon colored elephant bell pants. Horrible.

  6. Oily Hair– Yuck. During the grunge movement of the 90’s people paid a lot of money to look poor. Unfortunately, I side effect of this style was not showering. Let me speak for society when I say, THAT’S DISGUSTING. I have no problem with hairstyles that are traditionally not washed ie. Dreadlocks, but people walking around with stringy, obviously dirty hair, it will read as more than cheap.

  7. Tribal Band Tattoos– Another popular trend in the late 80’s and all throughout the 90’s was the tribal arm band tattoos. We all know at least one person who has one of these. Like clothes, tattoos styles and designs go in and out of fashion and the tribal band was quite obviously a fad from the 90’s. Now if the tattoo means something, which I would risk to say 80-90% of these tribal bands don’t, that’s okay.  I know these aren’t just a piece of clothing you can throw away but tattoo artist these days have awesome methods of either covering up or removing tattoos. Cover it up with something meaningful and not what’s in.

  8. Platform Flip Flop– Yet another horrid trend from the 90’s, platform sandals are nothing short of tacky. There is NO exception to this rule.

If you think of anymore obvious mistakes fashion has made LET ME KNOW!

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