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Recently, I have been on the hunt for a job I would enjoy doing that pertains to my degree in fashion design. And after several application processes and numerous interviews, I would like to share my experiences and maybe provide a few tips for all those job seekers out there who need some help nailing that interview or application.

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  1. Turn every negative into a positive: A popular application or interview question would be “what are your weaknesses?” A tip I learned from my career development professor at school was make your negatives sound like positives. Just to be clear, I am NOT saying lie, be honest. For example, say your weakness was you work slowly. Well that could be turned into I work slowly because I have an attentiveness to detail. Reveal a weakness that could be taken as a “blessing and a curse”. And don’t ramble on, say one or two then wrap the answer up. No one will higher you if you have a laundry list of weaknesses.

  2. Customize Cover Letters: Most of us will apply for a job at some point in our lives that requires not just a resume but a cover letter. For those of my readers who are unfamiliar with what a cover letter is, it is a letter you write to the hiring manager stating who you are as a person. Keep it short and simple, two to three paragraphs is plenty. Mentioning the specific position you are applying for and the specific branch of the company is a MUST.

  3. Always have questions to ask your interviewer: I recently learned this lesson the hard way when I was asked to do an interview except the interviewer started off the interview asking “So do you have questions for me?” And caught off guard, I scrambled to come up with whatever question came to mind. One of the most important things to do is research on the position and company you are applying to, that way you can ask informed questions.

  4. Have digital and physical copy of portfolio: Many companies, especially those that deal with any kind of visuals will probably ask to see a portfolio. Make sure your portfolio is on a disc drive so you can leave a copy of it with the employer and make sure you bring your physical copy to the interview, so you don’t have to describe your work, the portfolio will do that for you.

  5. Make yourself appealing to sight, sound and smell: Make sure, when walking into an interview that your personal hygiene is on top of things. And look professional but be you. Don’t drink too much of anything before an interview, and frankly don’t eat anything that might act up later.

Got any other tips or stories that might help someone out finding a job? COMMENT!

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