MTV’s “Awkward” Review and Catch Up

So I don’t know how many of you remember high school but if you need some help watch this show called “Awkward”.  Even though the show is two seasons in, I feel the need to RAVE about it and on April 16, 2013, the third season premieres! Viewers seriously can’t get enough of this show! Being the perfect mixture of comedy and drama, this show really captures and exaggerates the high school experience. And before the third season blows our minds I want to do a little recap of the first two seasons. Full episodes are available online by the way!

Awkward Jacket

The premise of the story centers around a 15 year old girl named Jenna Hamilton, who is played by the gorgeous Ashley Rickards. Being an odd misfit, Jenna then becomes the talk of the hallways at her school when she is presumed to be suicidal. Jenna had earlier received an anonymous letter the characters call a “carefrontation”. Though not being suicidal her classmates and her parents (who found her laying down on the bathroom floor surrounded by pills) assume that she tried to commit suicide. This quickly puts her in the role of “that girl.” Naming her personal blog after her new found title, Jenna comments on her life and lets the readers hear whats going on inside her head during the events that unravel during the show. During the first season Jenna, trying to live down her stigma goes through typical, yet exaggerated high school problems. The root problem of the season however is romantic in nature. While trying to DTR (a term coined by her acronym using best friend) or “define the relationship” of a guy named Matty, who is ashamed to be seen with her in public, she struggles with her growing feelings for his best friend and all around sweetheart Jake. I know it sounds a little Twilight minus the vampires but it is so much more than that. On top of her boy drama, Jenna deals with a mean cheerleader named Sadie, and she deals with finding out who wrote the “carefrontation” letter. As the first season comes to a close, Jenna finds herself straying away from Matty, and drawing closer to Jake. Even the mystery of who wrote the letter is solved. TRUST me that is a JAW-DROPPING episode!

The second season continues to follow Jenna through her trials with Matty and Jake but really centers around her confrontation of the carefrontation and the person who wrote it. The new problem of the season is her parents relationship is on the rocks. After a series of bad choices made by her mother, Jenna’s dad decides to spilt from her mom, leaving Jenna feeling alone and venerable.  Through all this Jake, who previously didn’t know about Jenna and Matty, finds out and reacts how any teenage boy would act, with a punch to the face. After the WHOLE school finds Jenna’s blog online and reads it, it becomes a climactic decision between Matty and Jake.

It is really hard to say what I enjoy best about the show, everything from the comic relief, to the jaw-dropping drama, to the gorgeous guys the show really comes together creating a stunning show. My favorite character would have to be Tamara, Jenna’s tech savvy best friend, played by Jillian Rose Reed. Tamara really brings the show out of soap opera Degrassi type show and into sheer hilarity. Her want to be popular and her exuberance brings a breath of fresh air to comedy. But let’s not forget about our dueling dudes, Matty and Jake. Besides being some of the hunkiest actors in young Hollywood, they really steal the show with their brilliant, believable characters. Matty, played by the always handsome Beau Michroff can really do the crushed emotion very well, while the genuinely sweet Jake, played by Brett Davern makes you love him with his command of the scene. All of the actors and crew really come together in a TV drug you can’t help but get addicted to.  SO WATCH THE THIRD SEASON and let’s see how much more AWKWARD things can get!

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