Denver Fashion Weekend 2013 Pictures & Review

Chris Parente DFW

DFW Host Chris Parente

“It’s like Sea World, but instead of Shamu it’s models that haven’t eaten since Tuesday,” said the charismatic host, Chris Parente, who proclaimed himself gay Jesus as he walked across the water-filled runway. He warned the front row to expect some sprinkles but stressed the weight difference between a whale and a model, and the resulting splash zone. In my opinion there was not nearly enough stomping, but howbeit still an incredible show.

The first day of 303 Magazine’s Denver Fashion Weekend, presented by Ralph Schomp Automotive, took place on April 11, 2013. Fellow fashion blogger Nicholas B and I attended on behalf of First Class Fashionista. During the social hour ($8 drinks by definition), guests admired a gallery of live models transformed into works of art. Inspired by Georgia O’Keeffe, Denver’s best makeup and body paint artists ornamented live canvases. After quite the runaround, we saw some friends and made some friends, and with our handy dandy press passes we made our way backstage.

TFor the first hour of the fashion show, Piazza, 50 Dresses, Covelo, Incroyables, Rachel Marie Hurst, and Fallene Wells were featured in the local designer segment.

Piazza– Italian inspired handbags by Piazza were presented by models in trench coats splashing down the runway…How appropriate? The collection was composed of structured and stylish genuine leather bags in earthy tones like chocolate, nutmeg, and terra cotta.

T50 Dresses– 50 Dresses presented vintage inspired dresses with chic knee length hems, polka dots, and stripes. The collection loves a woman’s natural waistline and accentuates it with ease and grace.

Covelo– Covelo presented an earthy knitwear collection with a slightly literal take on nature. Garments with fabricated branches, leaves, and flowers embellished and were incorporated into the designs. It felt like being in a mossy evergreen forest, where the sun was a blinding bright backdrop, the trees were lanky women and the fresh water spring was a runway.

Incroyalbes– Incroyalbes by Melissa May seems to be just the right amount of everything. Some of the garments were 70’s inspired with boxy silhouettes, some were pleather ensembles with big brass buttons, and she completed the collection with lovely cocktail dresses with roman inspired drapery and flowing skirts.

Rachel Marie Hurst– And we have Miss Rachel Marie Hurst, an FCF regular and personal fave. Most of her presentation featured her Rae Marie Collection, with some Rachel Hurst ensembles mixed in. She admitted to leaning towards the more “waterproof” designs in her collections (seems legit) and described the looks as “how my girl goes to the beach.” The pieces were light and airy, versatile, and could easily be mix-matched among the entire collection. On the DFW runway was Rachel’s signature graphic, bold prints, harem pants, and an incredible hand-beaded bustier.

Fallene Wells– Fallene Wells presented a sweet, chic, and sophisticated collection of fresh looks. She had a youthful take on vintage styles and prints. Her clothes had tailor-fitted silhouettes as well as flowy skirts with a little sexy. She loves retro-prints and the 50’s peter pan collar.

Mondo Guerra– For the second portion of the show, Mondo Guerra, winner of Lifetime’s Project Runway All-Stars, presented his “Haute Dog” collection. Inspired by hot dog stands and a day at the beach, the looks were bright and playful. Mondo used bold and colorful prints and patterns in his fabrics. Most of the textiles were pink, green, and yellow with hot dog and popsicle prints. Crop tops and high-waist bottoms were a recurring feature of the garments he presented as well. Mondo and I joked about the water runway working perfectly with his collection, but he said he was honored to be showing in his hometown for the first time in 3 years for Denver Fashion Weekend. The collection was fun and delightful, but I was really craving a Muscle Beach Hot Dog on a Stick afterwards.

Geoffery Mac– The last designer to show his collection at Denver Fashion Weekend was New York designer, Geoffery Mac. His collection was an avant-garde mash-up of futuristic vintage with geometric shapes and lines. Geoffrey Mac had harem pants with the crotch dropped so low it was basically a skirt, but tapered off into pant legs at the calf. It was weird…but I surprised myself because I really liked it! His collection had a lot of black, and had a real intense, edgy feel. It was like a Sci-fi architectural techy sort of thing. What we saw on the runway was really cool, and completely different than all the rest of the collections we saw the whole night.

The end of the night came all too soon, but you can re-live it by flipping through the pictures taken by Nicholas B.!

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