10 Reasons to Go to Colorado Fashion Week 2013

You’ve heard the buzz…It’s time for Colorado Fashion Week! If you haven’t had the run-down yet, run over and check out Marissa’s lovely summary of this year’s event here. So those of you who are already in the know, you- like me- are no doubt excited for at least a handful of events that are to occur on the Denver fashion scene. Here’s a short list of reasons why you definitely need to be in attendance at Colorado Fashion Week 2013.

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10. Q&A with Industry Professionals

October 4th at 4pm, Walker Fine Art Gallery will play host to the  Business Of Fashion Town Hall Meeting and Panel Discussion. After an hour of insight and discussion from the industry panelists, the floor will be open to questions from the audience at 6pm. If you have a question about the business of fashion, the fashion industry, or making it in Denver, this is the perfect place and opportunity to ask! How often will you get the chance to be in a room full of people with insight? Good opportunity.

9. Saturday with AI Alumn Robbi Sayuri

Not to shamelessly plug my university, but I’m going to shamelessly plug my university and my classmate. Robbi Sayuri is a recent graduate of The Art Institute of Colorado and, speaking from personal experience, she really does make some beautiful things. This is a wonderful chance to support not only a local Denver designer, but a talented AiC graduate. It’s going to be a collection to remember- I promise.

8. Hair & Makeup Art in Action

The 3rd Annual “CFW Masters of Hair + Make-Up Artistry Fashion Runway Show”, spanning 3 days, will be running under the theme Fashion Is Art/Life Is Art: Lady Gaga Meets Grace Jones. Gaga and Jones? I can only imagine the couture looks that we’ll be privy to seeing. These artists blow me away with their moving art.

7. The Oxford Hotel

If you’ve never been to the Oxford Hotel, you’re missing out. It’s been voted the #1 hotel in the West by Condé Nast and its nestled in LoDo, an historic district of downtown, Colorado. It’s a mixture of European antiques and updated splendor with an amazing nightlife.The Oxford Hotel is hosting the runway shows October 5th, and its enough to make any woman feel glamorous.

6. Trunk Show

There will be a trunk show October 6th, after the runway events. The trunk show will host several local boutiques, MAI Couture, and many of the designers who presented CFW 2013 runway looks. It’s the chance for the masses to take some beauty home. I will be there scoping out rare finds that I absolutely can’t live without!

5. Good Karma

This year, Colorado Fashion Week will be starting a bit later in the evening to make sure guests are able to attend the Gino Velardi Fashion Show, a fundraising event. Each Gino Velardi Fashion Show 2013 ticket sold actually goes to helping the designer with his medical bills that have accrued due to cancer. They’re actually pretty affordable tickets for a fashion show, and you also get to see a retrospective-style presentation of Gino Velardi’s previous works. Good event, good cause.

4. Back-to-back Runway Shows

Does anyone else get sad that runway shows are usually only 45 minutes long? And those shows require a lot of looks and production for a single designer. So, with back-to-back shows, we get to watch shows from 7pm to 9pm. That’s two hours with a short intermission. I’m very excited.

3. The After Party

Don’t wanna go to bed? I always feel the need to step out on the town for a classy drink after a fashion show, and now I can- with all of you! From 10pm to 2am Mile High Spirits will be hosting the Official CFW 2013 Closing Night Fashion Party. See you until last call!

2. An Excuse to Dress Up

It’s time to bust out that slinky cocktail dress, that piece too haute couture for everyday wear, or your favorite stilettos, because Colorado Fashion Week is also an excuse to DRESS UP! So pretty yourself up and prepare for a night on the town. Try to avoid the cab-to-curb heels if you plan on walking to the after party on Saturday, though. Unless, of course, you plan to cab around anyway. Then by all means, go ahead.

1. Creating a Sustainable Fashion Culture for Colorado

This is the best reason to come! Denver may not be huge on the fashion scene yet, but it takes a lot of working together to get us there; and we are becoming a force to be reckoned with. Buying tickets and generating buzz to grow these events is how we will continue to foster the growth of our fashion culture and local businesses.

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So if that didn’t convince you, I’m out of ideas. You can’t argue with a perfectly good top 10 list. So dress up and come down; we at First Class Fashionista will meet you there!

Ticket information available at http://coloradofashionweek.eventbrite.com

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