Entourage Episode 62 / 8 “First Class Jerk” Recap

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Rating:Absolutely Loved It!

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Entourage “First Class Jerk” Highlights


Turtle on Entourage

I am chosen by the taxi driver to sit in first class on our return home from Hawaii and I have the pleasure of meeting Meadow from the Sopranos. I tell the guys about my sexual encounter with her. I don’t think they really believe me at first. Well, anyway, Drama sarcastically blabs around town about what happened between Meadow and me and then I run into her at a party and she is so mad she throws her drink in my face. Drama tries to apologize and finds out she really did like me.


Ari Gold Entourage

I didn’t accept the job at the studio. I couldn’t do it…I couldn’t leave the guys, so at first I tried to make a deal with Amanda that if I turned down the offer, she would land her dream job in exchange for the lead in “Smokejumpers” for Vince…NO Go!
Plan #2: Get my old friend Dana the job. Done. Everyone is happy and Vince gets the lead plus his quote!

John Stamos on Entourage

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