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What I like about being the Creative Director at First Class Fashionista and being self-appointed to do a write-up for a show is, of course, that I get to look at the FCF video footage and pics again, before everyone else. This helps me decipher the notes I scribbled in my little, mini composition book. Denver Fashion Weekend Fall 2013, day one, was definitely a pleasure to review. 303 Magazine, DFW producer, is a local favorite of FCF and the show featured some of our most talented designers, hairstylists, makeup artists and models.

Mona Lucero opened the show. Similar to Kimono Dragons by Francis D. Roces, Mona Lucero brings art to the drama of fashion. The headpieces are Lucero’s signature. I adored the royal blue, velvet and the striking platinum evening dresses. Mona says her earliest remembrance as an artist is that of her grandmother’s portrait on the side of a shoe box. This reminds me of when my mother would make paper dolls for my sister and me. Later, I had my own daughters…barbie dolls cost so much more and were far less creative than the paper dolls my mom, sister and I loved so much. The point is, mothers who foster creativity may give the world a talented artist like Mona…or myself.

Susan Dillion owner of Kitty Mae Milliner, a day to day to the more extravagant hat company was up next. Dillion traditionally customizes hats for every woman’s taste and for every occasion; but what FCF saw on the runway, this time around, is something for him too. Yes, Dillion can make something for the man in your life as well.

The first Equilibrium model came out and turned it up in a t-shirt and undees to rock music. Hounds tooth, button down shirts for women, exposed zippers, metal studs and adorned but retro-modern fabric patches rocked these looks. Netting was also a feature in the Equilibrium designs. The models seemed to be having tons of fun and absolutely loved what they were wearing.

Andrea Li‘s models illuminated the runway in pure white accessorized with things every fashionista loves. Andrea Li makes wearable art. Her jewelry is said to have a transformative effect. Each piece transforms to something the wearer can identify with and who they are. So, this runway segment was nothing more than perfect. Loved the bling Li brought to the runway. This designer and her team gets an A+ for concept and staging.

Live Worldy brought back some really pretty below-the-knee and ankle length skirts. Central America seemed to have an influence on the Live Worldly designs. I loved the satchel-style bags, and the orange and black color pairing. Orange is a trending color that is very popular on the runway right now. Also noteworthy were the Live Worldy crop-tops. As seen on celebrities, crop-tops and, yes, the bandeau too are making a return, oh my. Are you ready for this?

Kotomi Yoshida ushered in traditional Japanese style with a creative contemporary twist. Large wooden buttons and exposed brightly colored zippers adds just enough flair to this collection. FCF loved the high-lo sleeveless jacket with split coattail. The exposed side-zipper and leather completed the look.

Local boutiques and a surprising Donna Baldwin male model showcase closed the show. Blush Boutique was up. Everything looked easy to wear. The looks presented can easily take you from day to night. A Tsagas Furs warmed up the runway showing off a good variation of different types of furs. I couldn’t decide if the blue or the red fur stole the show…No, that’s right, the Donna Baldwin Men did! Finishing the show on a fashionista high-note, Garbarini was the final boutique to take to the catwalk. This boutique is always on trend. Fashion forecast from the Garbarini runway: Look pretty in pleats this spring!

Enjoy and share the video and pics! Good job everyone.

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