My New BFF Episode 5 “You’ve Gotta Have Class” Elimination / Download / Quotes

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Zui Celebreality Oops: My New BFF “You’ve Gotta Have Class” Highlights

Paris Hilton's My New BFF

Pet Elimination Judge:

First Elimination Episode 5:

TTYN: Zui is eliminated for making physical threats. According to Paris, “physical threats are never tolerated-no matter how much someone annoys you.”
*Zui threatened to beat up Corrie’s and pop her breast implants to see how much they cost to replace.


1. “I Love Paris Game” Show Challenge

Test: How well do you know Paris?


2. “7 Minutes in Heaven Challenge”:

Test: “How will you behave behind closed doors. You must walk the fine line between having a good time and being a good time.

*Winner: Shelley


TTYN: “Natasha I love to stay in touch, be friends…but not best friends. Natasha is eliminated because she bored Paris.

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