Desperate Housewives Episode 5 Recap / Download / There’s Always a Woman

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Desperate Housewives “There’s Always a Woman” Recap Highlights

desperate housewives susan
First, I am guilty of pushing Jackson away. Soo…I unexpectedly found a girl in his shower. Jackson and I talked and we’ve decided to start over. *Browse 7 for All Mankind as seen on Susan.

desperate housewives lynette
I think my husband is cheating on me with his Realtor. I saw her leaving out the backdoor. *Browse Discount Theory as seen on Lynette.

desperate housewives Gabrielle Gabby
Carlos gets a offer to accompany a client abroad as her personal masseuse for $50,000 a month. I find out that this client is receiving more pleasure than intended. I have a heart to heart with her… And guess what? She invites me along too as her personal stylist. *Browse Discount Marc Jacobs Shoes as seen on Gabrielle.

desperate housewives bree
Oh, my! I set up poor Katherine with a client…A client I thought Orson met in college but I find out that he met him in prison. Orson’s prison buddy was convicted of organ trafficking! *Browse Discount Dolce & Gabbana handbags as seen on Katherine.

desperate housewives mrs mcklusky mrs m
My sister works for the phone company, so she did me a favor and pulled Dave’s telephone records.

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