Sponsored Video: Adina Grigore Gives Camila Coelho Tips on How to Start a Business

Thanks to Discover, beauty and style blogger Camila Coelho may make her dream of creating her own makeup line come true!

Meet beauty and style blogger Camila Coelho. Originally from Brazil, Camila is a social media influencer living in the United States. Her following is truly amazing! She is the creator of the popular Super Vaidosa (Super Vain) and Youtube channels Make Up by Camila in Portuguese and Make Up by Camila 2 in English. One of Camila’s biggest dreams is to start her own makeup line. Far from vain but down-to-earth and willing to share how she became self-conscientious about the size of her nose in a previous interview with The Platform, Camila says beauty means a lot to her, but it’s not just about makeup. “People who feel beautiful inside and out, they’re just happy. They see life in a different way,” she explains.

In this video exclusive, Camila shares her inspiration for her future makeup line, and how it will cater to her social media following. “I want something that balances the high-end with affordability. I know what my followers like. I want to listen to them. I want to see their feedback, so I can make the line even better,” she tells the founder and CEO of S.W. Basics skincare, Adina Grigore, while getting advice on how to start a business. With 1.6 million Facebook fans, 164,000 Twitter followers, 2,015,704 Instagram followers and over 600,000 Makeup by Camila 2 Youtube subscribers, Camila values and wants to protect this relationship.

Here are some great tips Adina shared with Camila on how to start a business. Ask yourself:

1. Where do I want this to go?
2. What do I want it to become?
3. What kind of job do I want?

“Find the thing you really like and focus on that. Then get advice and help for everything else. Financially, you take one step at a time. The more you know about your finances going in, the more likely you’ll have a business that works from day one, Grigore advises. To finance a business, for example, you may need a line of credit or a loan. To begin, do you know your credit score? Making it easier to keep an eye on your credit health, the Discover it card offers its members, like Camila Coelho and Adina Grigore, a free FICO Credit Score report from Transunion with their monthly statement.

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