Febreze Noseblind Test and Giveaway with $60 AMEX Gift Card

I love the Febreze Cat Couch commercial, especially after recently being convinced to giveaway my comfy couch that I had for 9 years. My bestie happens to be a Yorkie…Was I sitting on a Yorkie couch??? LAUGH OUT LOUD…So when I was presented with the opportunity to take the Nose Blind Test with Febreze, I was really excited. To do so, I was asked to host a movie night and invite a few people over. When they arrived, the experiment began. I would soon learn what odor in my home I had apparently become noseblind to. Fortunately, I just got new couches and refinished my floors, so I wasn’t worried at all about that cat couch thing.


I told my wonderful obliging guests about the Nose Blind Test, and they were willing to play along and answer a few questions from Febreze about their olfactory experience in my home. They took an online survey before I popped some buttery popcorn and made some super tasty tacos to accompany our movie. After, they answered a few more Febreze questions. I was so anxious to talk about it, but we didn’t discuss the answers until the movie credits rolled. My guests were asked about the predominate odor in my home, the importance of eliminating odors, and if they would tell their hostess that her home smelled badly. These questions turned out to be interesting and fun to discuss. The predominate odor in my home, according to my guests, was the hardwood floor finish, then the popcorn smell; but my daughter also pointed out that she could faintly smell our turtle tank. Did I mention I have a Red Eared Slider Turtle? I’ve had him for 17 years now. He’s my good luck charm. Now, would my guests tell their hostess that her home smelled badly? Surprisingly, most people said yes they sure would. The night concluded and I started using my free Febreze products I got in the mail, which included the Febreze Air Effects, Noticeables plugin and a Febreze candle. The very next day my husband walked in after work and said, “Mmm it smells like Febreze in here.”

It’s true. We do become noseblind to the smells in our own home and I think it’s very important to try to eliminate bad smells not just mask them with something that smells pretty. Febreze works to actually eliminate odors. What I learned about the product that I already use from time to time is that it contains a molecule called Cyclodextrin, which traps and eliminates bad odors.

Febreze Giveaway:
Febreze wants to give one lucky “First Class Fashionista” reader a Febreze package, which includes:

1 Febreze Air Effects

1 Febreze Fabric Refresher

1 Febreze Noticeables with refill

1 Febreze Candle

AND a $60 AMEX Gift Card!

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