The Ultimate Spring Dress Guide (with Derby Day in Mind)

Everyone in the fashion world should know by now that it’s about to be festival fashion season and with SxSW currently going on, we are reminded just how soon festival season actually is. Speaking of, can you believe it’s about to be April in 2015 already? I guess they don’t say, “time flies by when you are having fun” for no reason, huh?

That said, before summer’s festival glory days are here, there are still some spring events that are, more than likely, going to up your wardrobe’s inventory count. Let me put it into perspective for you. Easter, which just so happens to double as my quarter century birthday this year, is less than 2 weeks away. The Denver Derby (A Kentucky Derby party in Denver) is just over a month away and may I need to remind you, it’s also about to be wedding season.

Which, who knows, maybe you’re going to the actual Kentucky Derby or maybe you are keeping it local. Maybe you are in a wedding or two this year or maybe you are a guest attendee of several ceremonies, or perhaps you’re making it your mission to crash a few (you’re welcome for the great idea). The point is fashionistas, bottoms up because it’s our time to shine while we look top of the line!

Make a Classic Statement – only make it classier and fancier.

Fortunately, wearing white is no longer about “when” you can wear it or even where you are “allowed” to wear it. No, the ridiculous fashion rules about when you can wear white are luckily ancient history now. I think it is safe to say that white will forever be one of the top two classic hues in our wardrobe. What’s more, is that no one wants to stop wearing white, not now, and probably not ever.

Respectively, no one wants to wear a “been done” or “seen that” dull and mundane look either. The fact of the matter is that wearing white has just as much class as it always has. The only difference is the taste-makers of today’s contemporary fashions are wearing it better and fashionably classier — and I hate to say it, but it’s working.

Give Your Stark White Look an Upgrade

Start with some simple modern touches and add a delicious splash of lush color. This will help diminish some of the innocence and instantly modernize your attire. Another great trick to tease up your gorgeous white silhouettes is by mixing in hints of “dainty” with flirty florals and other divine prints. Oh! And, don’t be scared of textures, shapes or cut-outs either – especially not when today’s tasteful cut-outs are seriously more adorable than ever! Simply put, if you are going to wear white – wear it 2015 style. Keep it interesting, classically appealing and ever so feminine.

The dress below might not be filled with rich color or fun patterns and prints, but it sure does spark interest with quite the alluring twist! Don’t forget, you can always add pops of color as you wish.

Free People Spring Dresses
Available at Free People.

Springs Desires = summer’s perfections.

Allow these delicate spring touches into your wardrobe and I can ensure you that you will be stylishly ready-to-go and not just for spring, but all summer long. And, that’s just another fashion bonus. By fancying a classic white look, you will magically turn springs desires into summers perfections. Moral of the story; be bold, forge new style directions and reinvent white. I dare you.

The (almost white) spring dress collection shown below, shows nothing but a sheer style of the contemporary ideal. Whether you are shopping for Easter, The Derby Party, my Birthday party, or simply shopping in honor of the season, here are a few of my favorites!

Anthropologie Dresses
Available at Anthropologie.

Floral Spring Dresses
Available at Bloomingdale’s.

Free People dresses for spring
Available at Free People.

Nasty Gal Spring Dresses
Available at Nasty Gal.

asos spring dresses
Available at Asos.

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