Meaning of the Lunar Eclipse this Saturday, April 4th

An Astronomical Message So Beautifully Designed


The shortest total lunar eclipse of the century will take place this Saturday, April 4th and for about 5 minutes flat. Simple naked-eye observation of this very evening sky will reveal scenes that illustrate the celestial fantasy of totality.

Hope you got your outfit picked out because this party starts whether you walk in or not. So, for those whose motto is “it’s cool to be fashionably late” (guilty) – when it comes to this Saturday, rethink your policy, for you do not want to be late to this astronomical event happening just before Easter. Happy Easter!

Our natural universe may only briefly light up the sky, but it sure will put on a spectacular celestial show. The blood moon, brilliantly painted with surreal color will be illuminated to the greatest extent, thanks to Virgo’s brightest star, Spacia, which happens to be closer to the moon than ever before. This explosion of light will be among a curious looker’s dream as the moon will brightly shine in pure delicacy.

I must admit, I have never been so addicted to astrology as I have been for the past few days. Don’t get me wrong, I am a sucker for all things space related but my astrology levels have officially spiked an ultimate high. Plus, my birthday being Easter Sunday (when the full moon sets) has only made me more intellectually curious and I still find myself wishing I was an astronaut (Bummer). However, this is the first lunar eclipse of the year and it symbolizes new beginnings – which (obviously) means there is hope for my astronaut endeavors!

Back on topic and stemming from the greater world above, a signal is about to be sent. This signal strongly suggests that life on Earth release all negative energies from within and let go of unresolved issues once and for all. In these modern times, it is viewed that such eclipses truly symbolize a new beginning. This shift is filled with opportunity, positivity and change — for the intent of these changes are made only for the better.

In the spirit of modern times, Evolution looks like this.

Credit: Sky & Telescope/Johnny Horne

Shall it never be forgotten, we are all deeply and eternally connected with each other. Each one of us have choices and each one of those choices indirectly affects each and every one of us. We are all living and breathing here on this wonderful planet together and we all have to face the consequences of the choices we each make individually. Thus, if we heal ourselves, we heal others and if we help others to heal, we heal ourselves. Better yourself to better the whole, now and forever.

This astronomical message so beautifully designed, fortunately unveils to us that the past is in the past and the past will forever be in the past. This directly means, it is in our great destiny that we take this message to heart allowing this eclipse to remind us to progress positively. That being said, end what you started and start a new beginning. Literally, let all unresolved issues die, as per the universe.

Get with the modern times and share all celestial spectacles with the rest of life on Earth. After all, sharing is caring. Share photos here!

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