MeMoi Leggings Product Review

MeMoi review

Recently we recieved a complimentary pair of MeMoi leggings here at First Class Fashionista. I personally love leggings. Even before they were as popular as they are now- especially the prints. There’s something the artist in me loves about adding print to the shape of a person’s legs. I know, I’m weird. But that’s fine now, because leggings are the new jeans. Although I have- and will likely again- profess that leggings are not a substitute for pants, in most cases I am overruled. However, the MeMoi leggings would be a perfect example of how to utilize leggings in day-to-night style outfits. The key is to make sure the front and the back are covered; longer shirts or sweaters with a ‘tail’ are my go-to for these items.

MeMoi leggings review

These are the leggings I was given to test out. This particular print is called the “Exotic Drop”, and retail for $45 on the MeMoi website. The fabric is primarily polyester with a good amount of spandex thrown in. It’s a comfortable feel, almost akin to some swimsuits with the sheen and slickness of the spandex. I much prefer this style for warmer weather, because cotton blended leggings in the summer tend to get hot, sweaty and uncomfortable.

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So! How to go from day to night? My example is just one way to dress up these leggings. Perfect for a work environment at first with the trendy but conservative shirt-top, then accented with some jewelry, a cute bralet top and boots to take on the town. Easy-peasy to swap from one to the other, and unless you are hitting up the theatre, you will be dressed appropriately for the evening! Bonus is that bag, which goes from business-casual chain shoulder bag to cute clutch with a simple tuck and zip!

If you aren’t a print person- I love prints- there are a heaping ton of different styles of leggings available from MeMoi. In addition to demin-look and leather-look leggings, they offer cashmere styles for winter and a wide array of different solids and colors. They also have something dubbed “Skeggings”, which are leggings with a knit mini built into them. Talk about convenient! Toss on a pair of cute shoes and a blouse and you’re ready to go!

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Bottom line advice: These are great for days when I just want to toss something on and go. Which, considering I am a workaholic and a project-addict, tends to be pretty often. This particular print may be a little difficult for some to play with, but the black-and-white color scheme is a big plus. If you’re not into prints, there are a ton of other options that may give you more versatility depending on your wardrobe. Check them out at

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