How to be A Good Holiday Host or Party Guest

With the holidays coming up, this is the best time to start preparing your home and yourself to be a great host for any friends and family that may come over.

Christmas party

Planning and preparing: Plan out exactly how you would like the party and give yourself enough time to prepare all the foods, drinks, games, etc. It’s suggested you clean the house in the morning and to start cooking by noon, if your party is expected to arrive in the evening. Also, asking for help is okay. If you have a few close friends or family members who would like to help out, let them. Tell them to show up a few hours before the party to help. They’ll love it and it will take a lot of the stress off of you.

Prepare your home for company: Get your bathroom ready for company by having plenty of clean towels, soap, toilet paper and air freshener. If your TV has multiple remotes, try to get a universal remote for all the technology pieces that will be utilized for the party. If you have breakable or expensive items displayed; it would be a great idea to put those items away to reduce the risk of anyone breaking them.

Guests that arrive early: For any guest who arrives to your party early, be sure to make them feel comfortable and at home. Invite them to any snacks you might have out, let them watch TV while you finish getting ready. If they are a good friend of yours, it might be cool to ask them to help you with any finishing touches for the party. It’s important to let your guests know when they should arrive and when the party will be over. Think about it. It can be very stressful if a guest over-stays their welcome–You’re getting tired and they still think it’s party time.

Taking charge: You might have a friend who is a little more helpful than you would like. Remember this is your party to take care of and maintain. If one of your friends tried to take over the cooking in the kitchen, for example. You could kindly ask them to set the table or offer a bowl of snacks to guests.

Guests on a Diet: If you know of any guests who are on a diet or counting calories, just be polite and ask them if there is anything you may substitute the dinner with for their individual plate. If they say no, don’t insist…that might come off as rude.

Keep any arguing to a minimum: You might not expect this to happen, but when you have a group of people together who might not know each other unexpected situations might come about. In the case of anyone insulting your cooking…just be nice. If they say something like, “wow this is better than I expected”, just kindly ask the guest if they would like more.

Be a happy host: If anything is bothering you or stressing you that day, don’t let it bother you during your party. Only let your guests see the happy side of you, don’t throw your problems on their shoulders. Look for solutions. If you know sunsets make you happy, try and schedule your party to start or be happening during a sunset.

Host a party around a theme that interests you: Recently one of my friends was hosting a party that was planned around the Great Gatsby era and movie. So everyone invited to the party was suggested to wear an outfit from the 1920’s era. Also, with a similar themed party, you could offer your guests drinks and food from the prohibition era.

Making people feel comfortable: This is a very important part of being a great host or hostess. When people arrive, offer to hang their coats up and let them know where the bathrooms are located. Let your guests know they should feel at home in your house, so tell them where the food and drinks are. If you do have any house rules like no smoking in the house, tell them where they can smoke if needed. Also, if you have a shoes-off policy, it’s recommended that a sign is created and put on your front door. This will let your guests know before entering the home. If people don’t see the sign, kindly ask them to remove their shoes. For your smoking guests, you may want to give them slippers so they won’t have to put their shoes on and off all night.

Fun ideas for your party: It is best to have a few activities to intrigue your guests during the party. Some great ideas we came up with include:


Wine tastings

Cards against humanity



Make your own dish, for example; salad.

White Elephant (Great holiday gift giving game)

Secret Santa

More game ideas HeRE

Tips for Guests

If the host’s pet is let outside and is missing: This may be a sticky situation, but if it is handled right, all will be glitter and rainbows. If the host’s pet is let outside and won’t come when called, let the host know. The pet might have a secret place he/she likes to run to or hide in. Don’t let the whole party know and try to help, that will likely bring the party to an end. Grab a few guests to help you search for the lost pet.

So you spilled the red wine!: If red wine is spilled on the carpet or a couch cushion, first of all, stay calm and act like you’re a carpet or couch cleaning expert. First blot the stain, then saturate it with club soda or white wine. Repeat these steps until the spot disappears. If the spot happens to stain; you must apologize to the host and offer to pay for any carpet cleaning services. This last step also applies if you break any possession of the host or hostess. First apologize, then offer to pay for a replacement.

Really! You clogged the toilet?: If it’s clogged, don’t flush it again. Doing so will cause the toilet to overflow. Check the bathroom for a plunger; one might be under the sink, in a closet or in another bathroom. If you can’t find a plunger, find an empty 2-liter soda bottle. Once you find an empty soda bottle, put the spout of the bottle in the toilet and then squeeze the bottle from the bottom. If this works, the bottle will remove whatever became stuck. If this doesn’t work, you have to tell the host and be sure to apologize. If it is permanently clogged, offer to pay for any plumbing service costs.

I hope this article will help you with your holiday parties and any other parties you might have. Thanks for being an FCF reader and please don’t forget to comment!

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