Project Runway Recap: Designers, like kids in a candy store

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Project Runway is a great series, but this season the challenges were getting a little boring. Finally, they’ve done a fun episode.
This past week, the designers were sent to the Hershey store in NYC, but they weren’t going to tame a candy craving. The designers were given five minutes to grab their supplies to create their garments that their models would be strutting down the runway just hours later.

The Hershey store is massive and filled with much more than just candy. Many of the designers (all but one) decided against making an edible dress and opted for grabbing up Hershey pillows, posters, and candy wrappers.

Once the designers returned to the studio to start creating, the mood was light and fun. It is candy after all. The designers were given one day (as opposed the usual day and half) to create their fashions, which took the lightness right out of that mood. Many of the designers knew exactly what they wanted to create and started designing without a hitch. Other designers ran into a few snags.

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