Serial Killer Loose in Los Angeles! Safety Alert !!!

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“They have a sample of his DNA, a description from a survivor and a $500,000 reward, but detectives investigating the city’s most notorious serial killer have hit a wall.”

Grim Sleeper Wanted Billboard

The man they call the “Grim Sleeper” has killed as many as 11 people. Did you hear the 1987 911 call released by the police on Wednesday? A man, who did not wish to disclose his identity, told the emergency dispatcher that he saw a blue & white van dump the body of a woman. The man was also able to recall the license plate number of the van in question. The police then ran the plates of the van and found that it was registered to a church address. They found the van-THE Engine Still Hot-but there were no other leads. It is believed that the Grim Sleeper is responsible for a killing that occurred in January of 2007. The elusive Grim Sleeper is still out there somewhere. What can you do to help solve this case before the Grim Sleeper kills again?
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