Los Alamitos Mayor Emails Racist White House Pic

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racist pic sent by Dean Gross

No Easter Egg Hunt This Year

Okay… Here’s the latest racist and very offensive pic sent by Mayor Dean Grose of Los Alamitos, California. Mayor Dean Grose swears that he didn’t know that this picture of watermelons on the front lawn of the White House was in any way racist or offensive-His reasoning is that he was “criticizing President Obama’s fiscal plan, which seems to have been written by watermelons.” ENOUGH SAID. That’s retarded. On that note, I have to question this man’s intelligence. It is my opinion that racism is perpetuated via ignorance!!! As Mayor of Los Alamitos, Dean Grose and other officials, must be made aware that they represent the office / position that they hold. Mama always said that sorry is as sorry does!!! Dean Grose should be removed from office. Our country must stand up and adopt a “No Tolerance” policy.
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