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Lonza D I’m the founder and creative director of, a lifestyle, fashion, and beauty blogazine. I am a highly skilled blogger with an expert understanding of the role social media plays in networking and business development. I’ve successfully produced and executed several successful promotional campaigns for both big and small brands, local and nationwide. As a recognized Colorado Creative, I am proud to have a relatively large but intimate community support system. I feel the love!

Blogging since 2007, I’m passionate about using my talents for good and making a difference in my community by giving back whenever the opportunity arises. I was the official blogger for the first “Colorado Fashion Week”, and I’ve happily donated my time as a media sponsor/social media marketer for charitable events like the annual “Max Fashion Show”, “World Trade Center Denver: A World of Fashion”, “Wine, Women and Shoes” and “Red Ball”. I also really enjoy teaching students the art of blogging, and offer internship opportunities to juniors and seniors working to complete a degree.

Kaylin M Hi! I’m Kaylin. I graduated from college a year early and received my Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing from the University of Missouri in Columbia. I then made the hop, skip and jump over to the mile high city where I am now existing as a floating movement. I have 8 years in the retail fashion industry, 4 years of retail operations management, 3 years of visual merchandising, and 3 years of retail project management experience. I’ve successfully helped with the launching and opening of 2 new retail stores; Free People Boulder and SIX Cherry Creek Mall. I’m genuinely interested in fashion for its stylistic appeal. I love everyday street style fashion, as it is pure creation from your own imagination. From my own inspiring sartorial selections, I have every desire to bring stylistic brilliance to First Class Fashionista. As a stylist guru, I know when to blend in and when to stand out glamorously. I always vibe to what I feel works for me, I dress for myself and make my own rules. Feel free to follow my random array of fashion style, lifestyle, happiness, home decor projects and much more on my personal blog: Choose Happy, In Style
Marissa Lundeen I’m Marissa. I’m a graduate from The Art Institute of Colorado with a bachelor’s in fashion design. I started my career with FCF during my externship course at AIC, and I continued to stay with the company after graduation. What I love about FCF is how we get to attend events and cover local fashion shows. We even produced our own show, Denver Paint the Runway.

The team of FCF has grown tremendously and we have a great mentor to help us along the way. Currently, I also write celebrity articles, covering the newest news and gossip in Hollywood. I would love to hear reviews and comments on the articles I write. Fashion is not just what you wear, but it is within your lifestyle. There is more to fashion than what name you have on. Fashion is in the air we breath and the images we see. If there is anything you would like to hear more about, let me know. Thank you for visiting my profile on First Class Fashionista!!!

Sarah Styles My name is Sarah Styles (in the process of a “Serah” name change for what feels like forever now), so I tend to go by Serah. Currently, I am a florist, student, cosplayer, and semi-freelance fashion designer. I am located in Denver, Colorado surrounded by the biggest buildings my modest budget could get me near. I have an associates degree in art and have nearly finished my bachelor’s in fashion design. I aspire to write for a fashion magazine, so along with my personal blog ( Serah in Vogue[ish] ), I’m looking to bulk up my writing and improve along with educating my fellow fashionistas/fashionistos in everything bright & beautiful.
Jarrod J Love the look of this page? I’m First Class Fashionista’s graphic designer.
Patrick D Hello. I am First Class Fashionista’s photographer/videographer. I hope you enjoy our runway pics and videos!

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