Westword, April 2014 Creative Director and Editor-in-Chief Lonza Dennis is recognized as a Colorado Creative
Examiner, March 2014 “First Class Fashionista is a top fashion blog in Colorado”
Arrae Creative Agency, February 2014 “Top 25 Blogs in Colorado”
Fashion Forward Radio, February 2014 Fashion Forward Radio Interviews Lonza Dennis – First Class Fashionista”
Denver Art Society, December 2013 “Remembering 2013: Denver Paint the Runway”
CBS Denver, November 2013 “Top Denver Fashion Blogs”

First Class Fashionista has a lot of fun content for those who like to be in the know. The site features celebrity news and celebrity fashion but it also features news about local fashion designers and events. The team is routinely invited to cover various events on the Denver fashion scene and sponsors different shows. It’s easy to navigate and easy to read as well. Be careful though; once you enter the archives, you may be prone to some serious time wasting as you peruse all of the different categories. It’s best not to check this one at work. – Alaina Brandenburger

First Class Fashionista, November 2013 “Interview with First Class Fashionista Editor-in-Chief Lonza Dennis”
303 Magazine, June 2013 “Change Lives Through the Arts: Runway Show Gives Back”
303 Magazine, June 2013 “Fashion Functions: Local Apparel Designers ‘Paint the Runway’ with a Flourish”
Ask Miss A, June 2013 “Denver Paint the Runway”
Colorado Daily, June 2013 “Weekend in Denver”
Examiner, March 2014 “Denver Paint the Runway Almost Sold Out”
Fashion Denver, June 2013 “My Review of Denver Paint the Runway Fashion Show”
First Class Fashionista, June 2013 “Denver Paint the Runway presented by First Class Fashionista Reflection and Thank YOU”
Latin Life Denver, June 2013 “Fashionistas Paint the Runway for a Worthy Cause”
Westword, June 2013 Wearing it Well
Examiner, November 2011 “The Women Behind First Class Fashionista”

Earlier Times In the Media: Reviews, Recognition, Nominations and Awards

September 8, 2011-

First Class Fashionista is selected to be a partner and official blogger for the first Colorado Fashion Week.

May 26, 2011-

First Class Fashionista is selected to be part of the Glam Network and is syndicated to, the #9 site on the internet.

February 22, 2011

First Class Fashionista is selected to be a member of Warner Bros’ Social Media Marketing Team.

December 9, 2010

First Class Fashionista is selected to be a Vogue Insider. Our visitors will be the first to know and share just-launched fashion, beauty collections and industry events.

December 6, 2010

First Class Fashionista partners with as a featured blog for their launch. UrbanoTV, a new Latino Video and Entertainment Company from Actor John Leguizamo, released a statement saying, “UrbanoTV’s blog section of 50 and climbing boasts many established Latino bloggers such as Mami of Multiples, Vivir Latino (Living Latino) and First Class Fashionista to name just a few”.

August 23, 2010

First Class Fashionista is a top 30 participating site in the Coach, Inc Network of Fashion Blogs and Websites.

August 17, 2010-

First Class Fashionista is syndicated on CBS New York.

March 2010-

First Class Fashionista‘s relevant news articles are syndicated on the “The Huffington Post” via a media distribution affiliate.

November 2009-

“Excellently written article, First Class Fashionista. If only all bloggers offered the same content as you, the internet would be a much better place. Please keep it up! Cheers.”

October 2009-

First Class Fashionista is recognized by renowned German microblogger Sascha lobo, Co-author of the “Internet Manifesto”.

October 2009-

First Class Fashionista‘s relevant news articles are syndicated on the “New York Post” via a media distribution affiliate.

September 2009 Nomination-
SIME 09-Rising stars of the North

“The SIME Awards were created in 1996 to honor excellence in online communication, business practice and technology, recognize the individuals and organizations responsible and inspire the Internet industry of the North to world-class performance. SIME Awards shall contribute to an improvement of the creative and businesslike standards and expose the industry to potential clients…

Companies with innovation in their DNA that puts into use cross-media platform / interactive media, and have a working product / technology are quite good enough to make it into the awards draw. This year we plan to find those interesting companies, and short list the nominees (number to be confirmed) who will then be given all the PR and publicity before the actual SIME Stockholm (November 11-12).”

2009- Top 10 Best Websites: Chosen for “best celebrity oops”.

“Love To Know’s Top 10 Websites have been selected by people – our on-staff LoveToKnow site editors and specialists, who are constantly refreshing their working knowledge of their areas of expertise. We visit at least 100 websites for a given topic, and cull the best in two different arenas.”

May 2009-

First Class Fashionista is featured on

“This site was specially designed in order to provide a very exclusive service. This is a fashion portal where you will have the chance to get all the information you need about celebrities’ lifestyle, in addition to fashion and entertainment gossip.”

April 2009- Startup Companies Review

“First Class Fashionista is an online fashion portal that provides a one stop information base for anything associated to fashion. Plus it also provides you with the ins and out of what your favorite celebrity’s lifestyle is, as well as all the gossips associated to the entertainment section. In short the site provides you with everything related to fashion, from clothing to hand bags and shoes. Apart from that it offers a neat categorize that help you find information on other numerous topics including arts, education, as well as technology. It wont be wrong if I call it a Pandora’s box for quite a bulk of information you would need or see on a single site.”

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